The suffering of asylum

Soon I will publish videos for you documenting the difficult journey I lived through, the human rights violations, and the difficulties I faced along the way. Soon

This tent, in which I lived for 100 days, is the hardest thing I have ever experienced There were 16 rooms inside this tent, and each room contained 5 or 6 people, including children and women. Without heating in the cold and without cooling in the summer, the days were very difficult What made me sad were the children or women, whose suffering was much more difficult than ours  

This is the toilet that we used, which was most of the time without water and without cleanliness, and if there was water, water would come from the sea, very salty. The skin became sensitive and inflamed. We were waiting 20 minutes for our turn to come, haha. It is very difficult, my friends, but we are forced to endure. It is migration, it is difficult asylum..